Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Beginner's Point of View 742-745

Day 742:

Today was unseasonably warm for December. The temperature was 60+ degrees. Sheesh, this will be great for my health.

In Iaido, I was able to complete 2.75 sets of kata. I think I’m going slower well now and turning my saya flat for noto by automatic motion. That’s good. I just need to keep my feet apart for stability. I really want that shodan for Iaido.

In Kendo, no student showed up. I guess neither will come back. We had a guest sensei show up. He’s at least yandan, so that’s always good. We did several rounds of kiri-kaeshi and kihon. Then somewhat early, Sensei decided to train exclusively with guest sensei to gain some understanding for his yandan test.

The few times I had practice or ji-geiko with guest sensei, he didn’t challenge me at all. He left himself open which I thought was a trap. So, I must have looked dumb or scared. Still, it’s for Sensei’s advancement and I’m okay. So, I guess I won’t be upset.

However, today we had several rounds of doh-uchi-waza. I took several strikes to the ribs right where I used to be injured. It didn’t hurt as much as last time, so I might be okay.

Day 743:

In Iaido, there was almost no traffic. So, I had enough time to complete 3 full sets of Iaido kata.

Today was very humid and very warm. I also feel tired and sluggish, like when I used to be injured from liver damage. I wonder if this is the same or less.

In Kendo, there was a lot of basic waza. Kiri-kaeshi, basic kihon, and ji-geiko. This might be Sensei listening to the AUSKF saying that all students need to sharpen up their waza for the past couple of months. He said next year he’ll come up with new stuff to practice upon.

Next year I’ll be up for promotion in Iaido and I’ll be allowed to test for sandan in Kendo. However, I don’t feel up to standard for sandan. I’m just fixing my attacking by not using my right hand. That’s hard enough. Now I also have to include tension and seme. I think I need for practice and frankly, I’m not even all that interested. At least there’s no class next week so I can rest.

Day 744:

No class today because of the holiday.

Day 745:

No class today because of the holiday.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Beginner's Point of View 740-741

Day 740:

In Iaido I went slower than usual. I was trying to cut right. I only had time for 2 sets of kata.

In Kendo, we had a day full of repetition. After several rounds of kiri-kaeshi, we did a lot of repetitions of kihon strikes. Then we finished with a couple of rounds of ji-geiko. We had another visit by a kendoka. However, it turns out he has a zekken with our logo. I guess he’s a member of our dojo but doesn’t come very often. He also stands in the middle of the lineup.

Day 741:

In Iaido, I showed up early and kept going long. I completed 3 sets of kata. I was on fire today.

One of our new students introduced his girlfriend as a new student. I volunteered to teach her. We started with a combination of the first 2 days on the schedule. We did standing, walking, 2-step men, and then a primer on basic manners. She’s very short so I need to adapt for a shorter stride when teaching.

Friday, December 11, 2015

A Beginner's Point of View 738-739

Day 738:

Today Sensei did not show up. It was just myself and our new Iaido student. I answered questions about the 7th and 9th katas. He seems to want to do Iaido but he’ll have trouble when he gets his metal sword with how strong he swings the sword. For now, he’s using the wooden saya we have in the closet.

In kendo, I really wanted to skip class. My left leg is hurting in both hamstring and Achilles tendon. However, Sensei was sick. Also, the other nidan passed the responsibility off to me. So, I decided on a “lab day” where we care more about technique than brute force.

We did suri-ashi drills to fix fumi-komi, several rounds of kiri-kaeshi, kihon with seme to take center, and then ji-geiko. We saved time for lessons on Kendo kata. I took the time to teach the lower-ranking kata 1, 2, and 3. One student is very weak with his chudan-no-kamae. He’ll need to fix that when he eventually tests for ikkyu.

Sensei left a message that he may also be out next class. Our other nidan said he won’t be available for next class. I’ll have to come up with something.

Day 739:

In Iaido, I was glad to see Sensei show up. He wore his uniform but did not come with bogu. I completed 2.25 sets of kata.

In Kendo, Sensei coached from the sidelines. We had yet another guest sensei show up. I’ve seen him at our tournaments. We did kiri-kaeshi, kihon, and then several rounds of ji-geiko. Sensei gave a lecture about keeping center. The guest sensei gave me silent lessons by holding center against my doh. I need to be less spastic and take center. We had a discussion after class about how I lose momentum when I take strong center. He mentioned that he had the same problem, but you can only learn to use your left leg to propel yourself proper.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Beginner's Point of View 736-737

Day 736:

Today in Iaido, that student of mine showed up again. He took a lesson for Iaido from sensei. We had several people show up so the space was crowded. I had to wait several times for others to be out of the way, I could only complete 2.25 sets of kata. Still, I keep rushing and screwing up the cuts.

In Kendo, I spent the class teaching the new student. We reviewed rei, suri-ashi, 2-step men and then introduced 2-step kote. Afterwards, I stepped into the end of class for kiri-kaeshi and ji-geiko.

Day 737:

In Iaido, I completed 2 sets of kata, trying to make my cuts smoother. After going to that special session, I’m not satisfied with my techniques at all. Sensei gave a lecture on the ninth kata. You must thrust with the hips and feet, not the hands.

In Kendo, my student did not show up. In class, we did kiri-kaeshi, and kihon. There were three beginners, making sure there were lots of times to rest between waza. My left Achilles tendon and hamstring are aching for some reason. Also a new pain occurs. My right big toe’s bones are crunching together. I don’t understand why. I hope this won’t be a problem for the upcoming Iaido seminar.