Friday, November 28, 2014

A Beginner's Point of View 630-631

Day 630:

I got a package of supplies today, so the business took up some time. I only had time for 2 sets of Iaido and then three more kata. I do feel a little better, but the sore throat won’t go away totally.

In Kendo class, Sensei decided to ratchet up the intensity for endurance training. After kihon, we went straight into nidan-waza. We practiced kote-men, debana-kote, kote-suriage-men, kakari-geiko, and the a few rounds of ji-geiko. I did well during keiko. Not too tired, pushing myself to move faster. At the end we finished with dreamlight. I got better at it, but I was exhausted.

Day 631:

There was no Sensei today because of the holiday. Still, I completed three sets of Iaido kata.

In Kendo, we performed okuri-ashi and then kihon. We then performed a series of drills to sharpen up our kote-waza. We then practiced kote, kote-men, ai-ouchi-men, ai-kote-kote-men, harai-men, and then ji-geiko.

Close to the end of practice, I got disciplined by Sensei. After I would practice a waza, he then followed up struck my shinai with a kiri-otoshi, and then struck my men. The point was that I was not adopting chudan after turning around. I was being lazy. I picked that up after helping to train the students. I need to not do that in the future.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Beginner's Point of View 628-629

Day 628:

Today was probably the most awkward day of practice ever. I thought I tied my obi properly, but when I tried to place the saya in my obi, it didn’t work. I figured out that I didn’t rotate my obi so the knot was behind me. I just gave up and slid it aside and finished class. I gotta make sure to not do that again.

I completed 3 sets of kata with time to spare for exercises. The exercise of stepping across the floor while lowering down to 1 knee is fun.

In Kendo, one of our instructors is out for business travel. The other instructor led class in stride. We worked on kiri-kaeshi, kihon, kote-men, kote-suriage-men, and harai-man. We finished with ji-geiko to tie it together. I notice that we’re really pushing our students with nidan-waza. They’re really struggling but that’s good. It’s important to fail and wonder why.

By the end of class, I felt bad. Maybe I wasn’t fully recovered from being sick last week. Still, I finished.

Day 629:

In Iaido, I made sure to tie my obi correctly, thank goodness. We also got a visit from one of our part-time students that only shows up when he can, which is not often.

In Kendo class, we did a full day. Kiri-kaeshi, kihon, kote-men, kote-suriage-men, men-suriage-men, and ji-geiko. We did multiple repitions for each one.

Today was possibly the best practice ever. When it was time for me to do ji-geiko, I fought against sensei. It was then that I found the Golden Gear. It’s that perfect sync between body and mind where I forgot my pain and dehydration. I just summoned all my speed, strength, and accuracy in an endless stream. I struck great points against sensei over and over and over using maai, closing in, baiting, and zanshin effortlessly. Sensei was impressed and so was I. I wish I could find that sync on command. I only seem to find it by accident.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Beginner's Point of View 626-627

Day 626:

No class today as I am not well.

Day 627:

No class today as I am not well.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Beginner's Point of View 624-625

Day 624:

In Iaido, I got to complete three sets of kata just in time for class to end. I kept my metsuke in the fifth kata better. I got to stop looking at the ki-saki.

At first I thought Kendo class would have been cancelled since only two students showed up. Still we had class. After warm-up and suburi, we spent the class practicing bokuto kata. It’s been a long time since this spring so I kept making mistakes in performing the kata. I kept thinking that doing the first kata actually counted as four kata. We used ji-geiko to finish the class.

Day 625:

In Iaido class, it went by fast. I only got to complete two full sets and then nine extra kata.

In Kendo, we had more students show up. We began the class with warm-ups, suburi, and okuri-ashi. We then performed kihon and several ni-dan waza. Men-debana-kote, kote-suriage-men, harai-men, and a new drill of kote-kaeshi-men. We then did some ji-geiko and kakari-geiko.

We also did a new drill. It’s called Dream Light. You do kiri-kaeshi-men-men-kote-doh-men-tai-atari-hiki-men- men-tai-atari-hiki-kote-men-tai-atari-hiki-doh-men-kiri-kaeshi and try not to die from heart failure. It’s a drill that’s encouraged to train for yon-dan.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Beginner's Point of View 622-623

Day 622:

In Iaido class, I got to complete 3 sets of kata but not without a proce. I did not use enough saya-biki. During my first tsuka-ate I stabbed the knuckle on my left hand right at the base of the index finger. Ouch.

In Kendo class, we performed suburi and kihon for the beginners. Then we practiced kote-men, harai-men, and ji-geiko. Today wasn’t hot but it was humid. It made me sweat a lot. Still good for me.

Day 623:

In Iaido class, my hand was still sore from the stabbing. Still it was good enough to practice. We did suburi and kihon. We followed up with kote-men, harai-men, and ai-ouchi-men. For advanced training, we taught kote-suriage-men. It was surprisingly easier this time than previous attempts. Still need to work on charging after landing the hit. We finished with ji-geiko.