Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Beginner's Point of View 708-709

Day 708:

In Iaido, I felt distracted and the traffic delayed me arriving. I only had time to complete 2.5 sets of kata. I keep putting my hand on my obi instead of grabbing the koichi directly. I need to ask sensei about it.

In Kendo, we reviewed suri-ashi and kihon. I taught her kiri-kaeshi. She’s not very accurate with her strikes, but no beginner is. It takes practice.

I stepped into ji-geiko and found myself flying faster on my feet than usual. I got multiple good strikes on sensei.

Day 709:

In Iaido, I completed 2.5 sets of kata. I keep forgetting to ask sensei about grabbing the koichi or obi in the 5th kata.

In Kendo, we finished the beginner regimen and finished kiri-kaeshi training. We finished with a discussion of common Japanese words such as numbers and commands.

I finished Kendo by doing some ji-geiko. I feel I’m doing well. My strikes are much sharper because of needing to do demonstration strikes with the beginner.

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Beginner's Point of View 706-707

Day 706:

In Iaido, it was hot and humid. I got to complete 2.75 sets of kata. Then sensei gave us a lecture about making everything smoother. No hesitation or stopping the sword. Got to string all the moves together. Act as if there are no gears to shift.

In Kendo, my student quit early today. She said she felt bad, so I made sure to talk to her parents about it.

I joined the rest of Kendo class. Kiri-kaeshi, kihon, and oji-waza were the order of the day. We practiced oji-waza for each of targets, men-nuki-men, kote-nuki, men, and doh-kiri-otoshi-men. We finished with ji-geiko. Several of those oji-waza reminded me of the kendo kihon kata that I learned at the seminar where I earned nidan.

Day 707:

I showed up early to help perform a demo for an open house that the community center showcased. We started with kata. I helped teach newer students kata 1-7 and then got to practice kata 8-10 a couple of times. We then did kiri-kaeshi and ji-geiko.

After the demo, we did Iaido class. I did 3 full sets of kata even though we started late. I tried to not hesitate between movements.

Today I taught doh-ouchi-waza to the student and then smoothed it out from 2-step waza into 1-step waza. When I tried to teach kiai, the student was very quiet. She needs to kiai loudly in the future.

At the end of class, I stepped in for ji-geiko to finish class. Head Sensei actually showed up this time, teaching the class about enthusiasm and deliberate action.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Beginner's Point of View 704-705

Day 704:

I completed 3 full sets of kata in Iaido.

In Kendo, I continued to tech our beginner. I added a lesson on how to strike kote. We practiced our footwork and fixed our chudan-no-kamae.

At the end of class, I stepped in for ji-geiko. I did well. Moving very fast.

Day 705:

I completed 3 full sets of kata in Iaido.

In Kendo, we reviewed the lessons of men-ouchi and kote-ouchi. Smoothed out the suri-ashi. I then taught fumi-komi and added it to the men and kote strikes. We charged across the practice area over and over to add it in.

I stepped in for ji-geiko and did well. I noticed that my strikes were crisper, sharper, and faster. It was someone’s birthday, so we took turns with one-on-one ji-geiko. I brought the thunder and showed best spirit, but still I let her get a hit on me since she’s lower-ranking than I.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Beginner's Point of View 702-703

Day 702:

I came back to class today. My back is still stiff and I don’t want to overdo it. I did 3 sets of kata. My first attempt at the eleventh kata was terrible. The horizontal cut was wobbly and awkward. Sensei corrected me saying that I should not step fully coming up on the third kata. I only slide my foot up to my right knee. He was right.

Next time I’ll go to Kendo class.

Day 703:

In Iaido class, I did 3.75 sets of kata. I really had a good day. There were visitors watching. It pushed me to be good.

In Kendo, Sensei asked me to teach the new beginner. It is my turn to teach. I taught her the basics of standing, holding the Sinai, chudan-no-kamae, suri-ashi, and 3-step men. She was really hesitant and timid. Hopefully this will get better.

We stopped with 15 minutes left in class. I should have stepped in for a few ji-geiko matches but I misread the clock. My back seems okay now, but really stiff.