Friday, April 22, 2016

A Beginner's Point of View 776-777

Day 776:

No class today as I have an appointment.

Day 777:

In Iaido, I completed two sets of kata, trying to keep the breathing going. Sensei gave me advice that my horizontal cuts were too high. I need to have them lower on the first and second katas, otherwise I miss the target. It needs to be a natural cut with the ki-saki just a tad lower than horizontal.

In Kendo, we had quite the lab day. A Guest Sensei wanted to teach us to have good fumi-komi. There was a lot of okuri-ashi and group drills. Like lining up and the kakarite charging down the line striking the shinai in order with fumi-komi. I usually call those “Kendo games” because they are so fun that they don’t feel like work. We haven’t done those in a long time. We finished with some kiri-kaeshi and ji-geiko.

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