Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Beginner's Point of View 778-779

Day 778:

Today I got to practice 2 sets of kata plus a few spare iterations of the first two katas to try to not cut too high. I’m too eager to thrust the sword out and cover distance which raises the ki-saki.

In kendo, we had a kata day. Myself, my other nidan, and an ikkyu candidate practiced Kendo kata. I need to practice more since I seem to be tense and standing a little too far away.

After kata practice, we did kiri-kaeshi, kihon, and then lots of uchikomi-geiko in a three-person constant-rotating drill. Kinda like hotseat. I was really sweating afterwards since it was myself, the other nidan, and Sensei really going at it full strength.

Day 779:

In Iaido, I completed two sets of kata. Today I was really impatient. I was constantly just drawing too quickly and too forcefully.

In kendo, we started with suri-ashi training with fumi-komi drills. We tried a new drill where we chase our partner down the length of the floor while striking men with fumi-komi constantly.

We then did kiri-kaeshi, kihon, and then another set of hotseat uchikomi-geiko.

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