Monday, May 9, 2016

A Beginner's Point of View 778-779

Day 780:

In Iaido, I did 2 sets of kata. It seems doing the breathing shall forever slow me down. That’s good for my time limit on embu. I need to be smoother, not faster.

In kendo, I stayed for the kata class. Sensei took the other nidan and myself to take us through all 10 kata. He reminded me that in the kodachi kata, I need to step in the second kodachi kata and straighten my sword before uke.

I did not stay for keiko. The last class had several drills to strengthen us. The frog hop drill injured my hip and hamstring (again).

Day 781:

In Iaido, I did two sets of kata, skipping the 4th kata. That hurts my hip. I’m a little better but not good enough for Kendo class this time.

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